Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Video Business Plan « VideoUniversity

Video Business Plan « VideoUniversity

7 Reasons You Need a Business Plan
1. Clarity
Until you write it down, it's easy to be vague and unclear about what it is and what you are going to do. Writing a plan for others to read will help keep you on track and make sure your idea is clearly thought out.

2. Get Inside The Minds of Your Target Market
You can't write a business plan without researching your target market. They are the reason you are offering this product or service so it's vitally important to understand what they think they want (as opposed to what you want to give them.)

3. All In One Place
Do you have realistic sales projections, product descriptions, audience demographics, potential market in one cohesive document?

4. Reality Testing
It too easy to tell friends about your idea and get positive feedback. But when you have to put it on paper and show it to a more neutral disinterested party, it can be an entirely different thing. Let's get real and see if this really has potential.

5. Team Alignment
Unless you're a total one-man band, you'll need to work with various suppliers, freelancers and partners. The business plan is the right place to make sure everyone is aimed at the same goals on the same vehicles.

6. Long Term Strategy
Are all the details spelled out including the vision and the means to get there, the timing and expenses, etc? When it's all laid out in a logical manner, you can then track your actual progress towards the goals outlined in the plan.

7. Refine and Polish
The business plan describes what you do and don't do. The process of creating the plan forces you to look at your competitors and explaining your strategy for making a successful business. This will help you communicate your message to your investors, employees and customers in a much more structured and effective way.

Video Business Plan
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